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So, what did you have for supper yesterday?

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On 21/1/2014 5:20:24, LivetoErr said:

Para la cena, yo pollo asar a la parrilla, camote y frijoles. Yo cocino y mis familia come.

Para la cena, yo asé pollo a la parrilla, camote y frijoles. Yo cocino y mi familia come.

The verb "asar" might be difficult. You used the infinitive tense for this one when it should be the past simple (pretérito perfecto simple). The last phrase is mostly correct, but it gives a certain tone, like a complaint: "I cook and my family eats". Maybe a better one would simply be: "Yo cocino para mi familia", I cooked for my family. 

I'm not an expert but I'd like to point those things out.


P.S: In my country we call camote "Boniato" or even "Batata".

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3 hours ago, czarina84 said:

Comi pizza y las papas por la cena.  That is supposed to be I ate pizza and chips (American) for supper.  I apologize for any mangling I have done.  Please correct me if I'm wrong, native Spanish speakers.  :(

You were close to correct @czarina84;)

The right way to say "I ate pizza and chips for supper" is this; Comí pizza y papas en la cena.

In Spanish is not necessary to add the article "las" before papas (potatoes) and while in English we use "for supper," in Spanish the right word is "en" (in)

Moreover, it's more common talk about last night supper this way; "Anoche cené (dined) pizza y papas" which translates as "last night I dined pizza and potatoes" :)

One more insight; most Spanish countries have adopted a mix of English vocabulary into its context to when you refer to have eaten potatoes, you are not specifying which type of preparation.

For chips, you may probably say to have eaten chips without need to translate this specific item because people already knows what kind of potatoes you got :rolleyes:

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