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How long does it take to become proficient at speaking a language?


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To be super fluent in speaking like a language, I think it could take 5 years. But it still depends on the person if he or she is quick to learn. I think, I can learn to speak Italian fluently in five years like sounding like a local there. But that's just me.

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To be proficient, I think it takes, on average, 5 years. You need to be able to practice speaking the language often to become proficient in it. Some people have more access to speakers of the new language, than others. However, some people have a harder time grasping a new language, than others; even though they practice speaking a lot.

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I don't think you could put a time table for which one would have a high proficiency in speaking a language. It actually depends on the willingness and the capacity of a person to learn the language and to put it in to practice by speaking and writing. Some people may even become proficient within 4 years or less specially when they are very interested in the language they are trying to learn and have been practicing it everyday since.

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