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Well, we can't be discussing Japanese literature without talking about the form of poetry introduced by Japanese poets.

Haiku poems consist of 3 lines. The first and last lines of a Haiku have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. The lines rarely rhyme. Because Haikus are such short poems, they are usually written about things that are recognizable to the reader. Animals and seasons are examples of recognizable topics.

Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner, my example will be about this special occasion. :tongueout:

Oh, am I not loved

Alas, I shall be alone

With no Valentine

So whats the deal with

The Valentines I wonder

Why no one will tell?

Are Valentine's dropped?

What location are they found?

Can you help me please?

You must kill hermit

Then bugbear will shower you

With Valentine cards

I have heard of this

killing the hermit, oh yes

thought it was a lie

Oh, am I not loved

Alas, I shall be alone

With no valentine

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I'm not sure how to respond in regards to this thread. However, I would like to take a shot at making a haiku. Hmm, will this work?

Halloween is gone

The treats were very tasty

Somebody has eaten them

I believe that followed the syllable rule absolutely. It was also lots of fun! I might try and make some more to share later.

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Whenever I see a haiku, I always focus more on the syllables than the actual poem itself or the words being used. I hate to admit it but it's just the way my mind works and it often gets in the way of my appreciation for well written haikus. I've heard this is true for many other people though so I honestly don't mind that much.

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I wanted to try another holiday haiku. However, I also wanted to do something funny. I thought I would share this; a haiku about black Friday:

Holidays are here

Black Friday is dangerous

Shop at your own risk

I thought it was a cute little haiku to share with everyone who might be going out during all the 1st Friday of the Christmas seasons sales.

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Holiday haiku is a good idea :laugh:

One of my ex is a poet and he wrote sometimes haiku. Once he tried to write one with me. It seemed easy, but was difficult...

Matsuo Basho's famous one "Furuike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto (an old pond / a frog jumps in / sound of water)" is my favorite. The beauty of quietness in this poem makes me almost cry (yes, I am weird) :cry:

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Isn't this strange but nice,

fascination with haiku.

The poetry in short.

Verses are so slim,

and only three in the whole,

Music in the line.

So say what you will,

but I must ask one question:

Don't you like it too?

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I'm not much of a fan of haikus. But I do appreciate its simplicity in delivering a message. I kind of think of haikus as the minimalist kind of poetry.

Some of the few I've read before were written by Matsuo Basho:

Morning and evening

Someone waits at Matsushima!

One-sided love.

Now I see her face, 

the old woman, abandoned, 

the moon her only companion

a strange flower

for birds and butterflies

the autumn sky

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Oh, haiku! I love Japanese poetry so this thread will definitely be interesting. I'm surprised though since I didn't know that holiday seasons can also be used as a subject for haiku. I thought it was always nature-themed and seasons would need to be nature-themed as well, rather than holiday-themed.

Really interesting!

I hope this thread (or sub-forum) incorporates the other forms of Waka soon. One of my favorites is Senryuu since it's reads like a haiku but they've always been funnier to me (although I've read a lot of humorous haiku too).

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