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  1. Hello! Yes, it is Japanese. More context would be nice, but the translation is: "(The) Source(s) of (the) picture(s) are/is listed in the description. Thank you for watching."
  2. I think it was "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love", by Reymond Carver. It is a collection of short stories and is worth reading. Although it has been almost 15 years and I have moved more than 10 times since then, I still have the book.
  3. Hmm, interesting. I have never asked myself what the most beautiful script is. For example, Chinese or Japanese scripts are too ordinary for me (I am Japanese) and I cannot easily enjoy the beauty of their optic effects. When I see Chinese or Japanese script, I automatically catch the meaning and it makes difficult for me to focus on the form itself. Anyway, Siddham script (sanskrit) is the most beautiful script for me. I want to learn sanskrit in the future.
  4. Densha Otoko is a "true story" based on the posts from an internet forum. I have not read the book, but watched the movie :vampire: I do not know much about Hankyu Densha , but I think it is a fictional story written by a novelist. Both of them are love stories and in both stories two people first meet on a train or so :love:
  5. In Japanese cock: kokekokko goat: meeeee snake: shuuuu/shaaaaa duck:gaaa gaaaa :angel:
  6. The question "Who is Ben?" would be 「誰がベンですか」 but still, I find this explanation is really useful. どうもありがとう
  7. I watched All About My Mother, Bad Education and Volver. I cannot decide which one I like the best. Maybe Bad Education, because of my favorite actor Gael García Bernal... Anyway, these three movies are really good
  8. Agreed. Lately I use lang8 almost everyday. To receive a correction by an English native speaker is not easy for me (by German is much easier) and the quality of corrections is not always good but still, it is useful for me.
  9. Holiday haiku is a good idea One of my ex is a poet and he wrote sometimes haiku. Once he tried to write one with me. It seemed easy, but was difficult... Matsuo Basho's famous one "Furuike ya kawazu tobikomu mizu no oto (an old pond / a frog jumps in / sound of water)" is my favorite. The beauty of quietness in this poem makes me almost cry (yes, I am weird) :cry:
  10. I have an account on Goodreads and use it sometimes. What I find great about Goodreads is, it reminds me that there are so many people out there, who actually read books and are passionate about it. Especially books I read, which is not always a best-seller. It's often said that the number of readers is decreasing, but there are people who read, even outside of universities. That is really good to know :love:
  11. いい例文ですね :grin: 空気くうき) air, atmosphere 冬の朝の空気が好きだ。
  12. 「はじめまして」ではないのですが、最近名前をmimに変えました。 みなさん、どうぞよろしくお願いします
  13. ありがとうございます、戻ってきました! いえいえ、大丈夫 ずる (zuru, cheat) ずるさえしなければ問題ないです :wacky:
  14. As everyone says, I find Death Note good too Last summer I was obsessed with Jojo no Kimyo na Boken. It has been serialized since 1980 or so and still goes on. It took a whole summer for me to read :cry:
  15. ご無沙汰してます〜。わたし、最近名前変えました、どうぞよろしくお願いします :vampire: gegegenoさんが「ん」で終わっているので、新しく始めますね :angel: 美女bijo, beautiful woman) 今日、通りで美女を見かけた。
  16. Seems an interesting book, どうもありがとう!
  17. Hello! I teach Japanese to a beginner and now he has a problem with particle, especially wa and ga. I can tell which particle should be used in an actual sentence, but can't explain why. For me, a native Japanese speaker it's purely intuitive. I did a quick research, but there are various explanations and now I'm confused :cry: Could you tell me how did you learn and/or how do you understand the difference between wa and ga? It would be very helpful for me :vampire:
  18. 夏(natsu, summer) そろそろ夏になってきましたね! どちらも時間的に後のことをさすのですが、「将来」はより主観的な文脈(「私の将来」「将来の夢は、〜です」)、「未来」はより客観的な文脈(「未来から来た人」)で使います。あと、「過去、現在」に対応するのは、「未来」のほうが一般的で、「過去、現在、将来」とは基本的に言わないです。
  19. Hallo! daijobu, daijobu. I would be glad if you could send me the song or the lyrics I'm curious :vampire: Thanks, you too!
  20. 辞書 (jisho, dictionary) 辞書なしでも外国語の文章が書けるようになりたい。
  21. 緑茶以外、特にハーブティーとかは日本だと高くて種類が限られているのでいいかなと思います。でもまぁたしかに、アメリカは特にお茶で有名なわけでもないですね… 絵はがき、私は大好きです!もらったら凄く嬉しい!あんまり荷物にもならないし、いいかも :shy:
  22. I think that it's a good movie, too The official Japanese title is "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi"
  23. うーん、確かに日本からだと結構なんでも買えたりしますよね…でもそこは仕方ない! 夏だったらチョコは絶対やめたほうがいいと私も思います。 日本人は、基本的には甘いものが大好きです。あんまり人工的な色が着いたものはちょっと嫌がりますが… 私の知り合いはTrader Joe's でクッキーとか買ってました。もうどれだったか覚えていないけど、美味しかったです。 あとは会社なら、お茶もいいかもしれないですね。皆で使えるし。
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