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Is it "The man who WALK the path of freedom" or "WALKS "?


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No it would be walks, as it is referring to him. "He walks" therefore it would be "The man who walks the path of freedom".

Also, when discussing this with someone else they suggested it would be 'whom' but I believe it would remain 'who' as 'the man' is in the Accusative here.

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It should be "the man who walks", but I don't think it has much to do with the word "who" as much as the word "man" since it is singlular and therefore should be followed with a verb that ends with an "S". The only time the "S" should be removed is when the subject becomes plural such as "the men who walk".

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In primary school I was taught that he, she and it would take on a plural verb, while with they, you and we a singular verb should be used. Therefore, the man being a singular noun would have to take on a plural verb which would be walks.

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It's walks.

Even though, you use "the man" to determine which form of the verb to use, you wouldn't use walk with who either.

Think about it, which sounds better (and is correct to say): "Who walk?" or "Who walks?"

Then, to answer, you'd say: I walk, you walk, he walks, she walks, we walk, they walk etc. 

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