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好好先生 (Hǎohǎo xiānshēng)


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好好先生 (Hǎohǎo xiānshēng) - Mr. Nice Guy

Literal Meaning - Good good mister.

During the East Han period, there was a man named "司馬徽"(Sīmǎ huī). One day, while he was walking at the market, he saw a man being arrested because that man was criticizing the government for being bad. After that, Sīmǎ huī came across a fruit stand. One customer complained that the fruits were bad and got scolded for it while another one praised the fruits and got one free. Sīmǎ huī then came to a conclusion that people only wanted to hear praises. Sīmǎ huī had a visit by a friend, his friend asked him of his wellbeing, Sīmǎ huī answered, "Good, good," his friend then told him that he was moving in to become his neighbor, Sīmǎ huī again answered, "Good, good!" While at it, his friend told him that his son just passed away, Sīmǎ huī continued to answer, "Good, good!" Angered by Sīmǎ huī for being insensitive, the friend left.

好好先生 (Hǎohǎo xiānshēng) was initially used to mock someone that has no backbone, indecisive, and has no stand on things. Throughout the years, this idiom is now being used the same as Mr. Nice Guy.


"你的朋友真是一個「好好先生」, 脾氣好又樂於助人."

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