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Children's Chinese Textbooks/Teaching Material

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I ran into this site a few months ago and thought it was nifty. Basically, it has textbooks, teacher's books, and workbooks.  They're free to download and are in .pdf format.


The site is in Chinese.  I suppose this could be useful if you want to get kids into learning the language, or even if you're like me and use such material when you're first getting into a language.  You would definitely need to supplement these with audio learning.

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This is awesome! I am actually thinking of starting a tuition class but I know that it's important to have a set of guidelines and instructions on how and which sections you should teach according to order, which is actually what I lack. I have the knowledge, but I don't know how to start! But with this, I am one step closer to starting my own tuition class! After going through these I am sure I can teach in a more effective and efficient manner!

Thanks for sharing this!

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I'm glad you can get so much use out of this, CeliVega!  I hope you can make good use of these materials.

Study material for kids often gets overlooked since it's so simple and, well, childish.  It's just nice to see some appreciation for this.

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