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I need help with Cebuano/Visayan (Filipino Dialect)


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Hi! I was wondering if anyone here could help be become more fluent in Visayan? I'm also a Filipino, but coming from Luzon, I use the Tagalog dialect. I have friends who teach me but I only really know the basics. I catch myself mixing my Visayan, Tagalog and English!  :cry:

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Too bad I can't help you, but I also just want to add to your plea, that I myself is struggling with understanding some of the dialects in Visayas especially Cebuano. Most of my friends speak this dialect but I just can't understand a thing. It's very frustrating. I hope some of our fellow Filipino from Visayas could offer some help for us here who wants to learn the said dialect. Good luck to us!

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I spent three years in the lsland of Mindanao during my high school.  Unfortunately for me, I spent more time learning Tagalog, and most of my Cebuano friends speak to me in Tagalog as well.  I know some basic words, since I have Cebuano blood on my maternal side.  I really felt awkward learning the dialect, and though I can understand some, I have difficulty speaking it.  Eventually I left my mother's hometown after graduating from high school, and as a result I no longer felt any desire to learn Cebuano.  The most I can understand is the substance of what they are speaking.  I sometimes quietly eavesdrop on my mother whenever she speaks to her sisters in Cebuano.  I can hardly understand what she means, but I have a fairly good idea of what she is saying.

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