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Best language learning program?


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The best language learning software I've used is Tell Me More. It may not suit everybody but it was fairly interactive, fun and helped me with pronunciation.

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The best language learning tool I have ever used (and I used a lot of different tools before) is Skype.
Skype teachers aren't free, but they can still be as cheap as 8 dollars for a half hour (or even cheaper if you want to learn Latino Spanish instead of European Spanish).

However, it's always best to use multiple software and not stick with just 1.
At the moment I use Skype, Anki, Memrise, Japanese and Spanish music and written chat (practically over Skype too, but with different people).

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What is the best language learning program that you have used or heard of? I am learning spanish and really need the extra help. I need something cheap and simple.

As Blaveloper said, it's best to use a variety of tools. Different tools serve different purposes. In the very beginning, I try to use Pimsleur and Michel Thomas. They are both audio programs, but they have very different functions in my learning program. The way I use Pimsleur gives me an excellent foundation in pronunciation, and Michel Thomas is a quick and easy introduction to grammar. Good luck with whatever you decide to use! 

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When I started learning languages, I relied solely on the traditional classroom set up and immersion, which both worked great for me. I've never actually used any learning aids or programs, but will be going forward because money's a little too tight for me to go for lessons or travel to France or Italy. Plus I've now discovered a whole host of very handy and free online resources that I'll be looking into. So I'm watching this thread with great interest, in case I can pick something up :)

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