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我用牢騷炸 ????

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I've never heard of "牢騷炸", but "發牢騷" is a Cantonese slang and it means to whine or to complain. It's commonly used to describe women who often have big (negative) reactions to small things.

For example, a woman who starts an argument after finding out her husband often texts other people would be described as "發牢騷" because she is complaining and making a fuss for no reason.

Where did you hear "我用牢騷炸"? Because "牢騷" is rarely used to describe ourselves so the subject is rarely "我". I often hear it being used like this "她又開始向我發牢騷了" in TV dramas.

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You sure those are the exact words used in the whole sentence? I would love to see the whole phrase/content, cause I am thinking it might be an error in typing out the words......it could be “我又发唠叨咗” or something like that......

It could be a new meme from Hong Kong >_>

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