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Meaning of of 观看,观察,考验,测验

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I am studying Chinese at the moment and I got the following question to solve:

(I need to fill in the correct word for the following sentence)


Now there are 4 options to choose from:

1. 观看

2. 观察

3. 考验

4. 测验

Can anybody tell me what the right answer is here and why? (explain the difference why it is answer x and not y)

thank you for having a look at this.

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I would say it is 2. 观察

For part of the sentence, "他____那个孩子了神色", the word '神色' basically is referring to the kid's looks or expressions.

Of course, the options are as follows:

1. Basically means to look around, briefly watch, but not really long enough to be considered an observation.

2. To observe, usually in detail.

3. To test

4. To quiz

From these four options, number 2 seems most viable as it is basically having the man observe the kid's expressions to see if he looks guilty or not. The following continuation of the sentence, "他象是偷了斧子的样子," is basically noting that the kid "looks" like he was the one who stole the axe.

So, with that said, I would pick option 2 from my definitions.

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