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I am wondering where I could find a basic Cherokee, ( or ANY of the Native American languages for that matter!), language book?  CD? An online dictionary even?

I have a passion for dead, and nearly dead, languages. I know that most of the languages of many of the tribes that once lived here are as extinct as they are...but I know a few still remain and few still speak these beautiful languages.  I'd like to add any of these to the collection of dead languages I am studying. :smile:

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Dear Hoodoowytch

You are right, it is really not easy to find good online resources for the study of Native American Languages. You might want to have a look here for some valuable resources for American Native languages:


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I am very glad you created this! I am also interested in learning Cherokee, or any Native American language for that fact. My husband is Native American, Lumbee to be specific, and I have always been fascinated with Native Americans. I find their languages beautiful and although my husband knows some I want to master the language to be able to teach our children!

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