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Vocabulary question


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Hello. I was trying to translate this text, however I can't find the meaning for the words "Kasokeki "and "Kawabe", the text goes something like this:

燃えている吊り橋 引きちぎられた手が かそけき祈りごと 河辺の穴へ零れてった

Moeteiru tsuribashi Hikichigirareta te ga Kasokeki inorigoto Kawabe no ana he koboretetta

Hanging bridge on fire, torn off hands. "Kasokeki" prayer" "Kawabe" hole we went spilling ?

So are "kasokeki" and "Kawabe" names or something like that?

Thanks for your help  :grin:

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Hello sacer.drak!

kasokeki (adjective, basic form is kasokeshi/幽し)is an old word. It means: dim, muzzy, hazy, bleary, blurred, ephemeral. It describes something exists, but very weak or vague.

Kawabe means a riverside or riverbank. Same as 川辺.

If I translate it:

From a hanging bridge on fire, the rip off hand was falling into the hole on the riverbank with ineffective prayer.

Hmmm, what an interesting image... Is it a part of a novel??  :vampire:

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