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What sparked your desire to learn another language?


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Hasn't a thread like this been made like 5000 times before? Haha...

I'll just say what I've said in every other thread like this:

I started learning english because it's part of the curriculum. Really, that's it.

I started learning german because it's part of the curriculum. Yep, that too. (I did have a choice between Spanish, French and German, but you HAD to pick one.)

I started learning Japanese because I'm heavily interested in japanese culture and entertainment. My goal is to be able to watch drama/anime, read novels/manga/visual novels, in japanese. I have no intention of speaking the language myself, but those skills might be picked up on anyway.

Yes, unfortunately I just made one like this, not realising it existed.  :confused:

I don't really have a reason for learning an individual language. I just wanted to learn a language, and I happened to have a few Russian tapes lying around. Same reason I'm learning Polish next :P

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This is a pretty popular question, huh? Lol. I've just always wanted to- for as long as I can remember. When I was little I wanted to learn literally every language imaginable...but I've limited it down to just a few for now ;). There are other reasons, and they're all valid, but that's the heart of it for me. I just really wanted to, so I did.

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It's probably for work reasons. I work for a Korean boss. Although he is against us learning Korean, you can't help but pick up a word or two from them. Plus, Korean shows are highly popular in the Philippines these days. So, you kind of jump the bandwagon.

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Of course its cool to learn another language but what really made you push though into learning a new one? Most of us might say that "Oh I studied Italian because I'm going to Italy soon" but other than that, what lead you into thinking that "Hey, I really want to learn how to write and speak this language"?

Being amongst Hispanics, who did not know English and neither did I know their laguage, that is what sparked me to start learning Spanish.

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My parents are both Croatian, but never managed to teach me the language. I don't blame them though. I was born in Germany and grew up with everyone around me speaking German and Croatian was the language my parents would argue with eachother, haha. So I strictly refused to learn it as a kid.

And now, after many years, I am kind of sad I have to stick to English when I want to communicate with my relatives in Croatia.

I do understand quite a bit, but I am far away from being able to say more than "Hello/How are you/Happy Birthday etc.". But this will change now and I am really looking forward to learn it.

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