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  1. I would say that we use whether when we are not sure of the situation and we use if when we are sure that the situation does exist.
  2. It is important to me because it is used oftenly in almost everything, all examinations are set in english, almost all jobs require you to have some english skills.
  3. Wow!, I thought I was the only one with that problem , for a long time I pronounced it the same way that you did, later on ,someone corrected me and I was shocked.
  4. This is good, it shoes us when and how to use this two words, thank you and keep on teaching us on how to use different words.
  5. Thank you for the advice, it is a good way to learn new words, I will keep it in practise.
  6. Yes I have with the swahili language, I kept on speaking direct translation, only to find out that when I said what I meant in English directly in Swahili, it absolutely meant something else.
  7. That indeed is very shocking, I am beyond suprised, I thought a word like OMG was very recent yet it was being used in the seventeenth century.
  8. With me it all depends on who the person is, if it is somebody that I am free with, then it is easier for me to correct them, if not I get scared that they might go off on me.
  9. I in person, do not consider it a swear word, but many people do, it does not matter how and when you use it, they do believe it is a swear word.
  10. I pretty much think that you have used the word both as an adjective and a noun in the proper way.
  11. I understand exactly what you are talking about, I tend to feel the same way, sometimes I end up writing a word over and over just because I feel that I did not get the spelling right.
  12. I do believe that it all depends on how long you are going to stay there, if the visit is ver brief like two days , then I do not see the need, but if you are going to stay for a while longer then it is polite and safe for one to learn the language that is spoken there, just incaser you find yourself in an weird sitution, you might be able to bail yourself out if you know some of their language.
  13. It is a good source of learning a new language, I am also learning Korean by watching movies, though some of their dialect differs depending on what part of Korea they are from, but so far the movies have been helpful.
  14. You are right a real life teacher is much better, since you get to learn the exact way to pronounce words and you can always ask as many questions as you want.
  15. I have tried to learn a language through music, but like you said, I did not find it very helpful, though it does help in some kind of way.
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