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  1. I agree with Gamer, by having two or three languages under your belt, you can communicate with two or three different countries/continents. By doing this, you're able to make businesses there, help people, or tell a good joke.
  2. So, would you use a language learning app or a real life teacher if you wanted to learn a language, what are the benefits. Personally, I think a real life teacher because they get to explain stuff to you, unlike where in a language learning app (in some, like duolingo) you just kind of go through with the words and don't learn (as in remember) what the words are. It feels like a vocabulary test you did if you were in Elementary School, they had you remember a list of words, and then right after you'd forget them, because it was only for that test. Opinions?
  3. I was about 9-10 years old when I started to learn a language, that language was Vietnamese and English, because my Native tongue is Vietnamese.
  4. Hello, I joined the site and was really excited to see what other people were learning. Uuh, I'm currently studying French, and my native tongue is Vietnamese, but my second language as you may be able to tell is English. Besides French, I'm trying really hard to study Japanese after I learn French. Why Japanese? I got hooked on the language because of anime. Treat me well! ( Kind of a late intro...but who cares, right?! )
  5. I am pretty sure it actually is 'every day' Everyday(adj): commonplace, ordinary, or normal. Every day: Each day. If we were to replace 'every day' in your sentence with 'each day' then would it make sense? Yes. "Every day Each day is Fire Prevention Day"
  6. Hello and welcome to Linguaholic! Japanese? That's such a fun language to learn and speak! Good luck on learning it! **As a side note 'tis anime, not animes. Anime is singular and plural. For example, "I watch Naruto, it is an anime" or "I watch a lot of anime".**
  7. Uuh, there's about 6500 languages, probably not including tribal languages. I remember my French teacher back in middle school saying something about that there was at least 6000 languages in the world.
  8. For me, the easiest language I've learned/ been learning, is French. Why? Because my native tongue is Vietnamese, and the French used to rule over Vietnam, so there are many french words that are in Vietnamese, and my second language is English, so it's the same for English as is Vietnamese. French is also pretty fun to learn, so I have no complaints.
  9. I don't really like using google translate, but if I'm in need of a speedy and rough translation of something, I'll use it sometimes. The problem is, the translation may be wrong in some parts, and I don't want to look like a fool. Also, although Google Translate offers many translations, some of them are better than others. Say that it translates one sentence all the way correctly, but another sentence in a different language, incorrectly. You can't just trust one translation to know if Google Translate is correct.
  10. That sounds pretty cool, would love to see it in action more. If it ever does go global, I'd love to use it. Will it be free?
  11. I use Duolingo as my study app, it has more than one language you can learn on there. The feature I like is that you may use a mic to see if you can actually pronounce some words, rather than just spelling them. Home site: https://www.duolingo.com/ They also have an app you can use.
  12. It's not very useful to use Google Translate, because some of their words are wrong. Plus, if you try to translate something English to another language, it may be wrong and you may look like a fool.
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