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Favorite tip for learning a language?


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Confidence is probably number one. Communicating in a foreign language can be intimidating/awkward, but little bit by little bit, try to communicate as often as possible! Don't be afraid of looking/sounding stupid. I've found native Spanish-speakers that I've communicated with tend to be very understanding, helpful, and patient. So just go for it! Practice makes perfect.

Not being afraid to sound/look silly really is important. It's hard to practice a certain language if you're not comfortable enough to try it out in actual conversations. Plus most people who speak the language can recognize your effort anyway so it doesn't really matter if you don't speak perfectly. What matters is that you're trying and practicing.

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For me, I have to be interested to learn something, not only a language. Then immersion or being able to apply what I learnt is another tip. I cannot possibly learn just by studying the words. I need to apply them by communicating with a native speaker.

All the other ways, like watching television, listening to music, reading books will help me but not as much as the first two tips above.

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I saw this one tip on how to learn another language in a Korean soap: When you first wake up, have a foreign dictionary next to you and flip to a random page. Choose a word that looks interesting and think about what that word means. This will bring that word up in your mind to think about how it's relevant to whatever is happening that day. Other than that, short of surrounding yourself around people, it's a good tip on learning how to be knowledgeable in another language.

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