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Farger , colors.


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Colors in Norwegian

En farge = a color.  Farger =colors.

Gul = yellow

Oransj = orange

Rød = red

Rosa= pink

Lilla= purple ( sometimes lilac)

Fiolett= violet

Lyseblå = light blue

Blå=  blue          Marine(blå)=  navy blue          Kongeblå= royal blue

Grønn = green

Grå =  grey

Brun= brown

Sort/svart = black

Hvit = white

Sølv = silver

Gull= gold

Gylden= golden


Pastell = pastels

Klare farger = bright colors

Ensfargede = solid colors

Youtube with the basic colors here:

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Is there a phonetic chart somewhere? I wish to try pronouncing these words. I wonder which vowels are long, which short, which open, which closed... is j more of a German or English undertone.... are both l heard in a word or only one? Is it the dark l or clear one?

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There are a few exceptions to where the vowels are longer, but generally all vowels are long and pronounced.

There are a few times in words they are longer, as the word :

lyst - the y is long for describing light, and light colors, but for desire the s is stressed.

The charts that you find are not very good, I have never heard anyone be able to speak or read well form them.

I will try to look for the audio tracks.

Here is a video from one of the many children's TV show, or Barne TV Me Eli fra "Portveien 2"

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