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Online Resources for Studying Norwegian


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Well, I've noticed that this hasn't yet been mentioned, so here it is. I'd found several websites which I believe could be useful. First of all, there's Wikipedia. People usually don't like Wikipedia as a source, but it must be admitted that they have a very good overview of grammar, phonology and such, so here it goes:


Then there's ''NorwegianClass101'' : http://www.norwegianclass101.com/norwegian-language/

You can find a lot of valuable particulars about grammar. A dictionary is also provided: http://www.norwegianclass101.com/norwegian-dictionary/

I liked it. I typed in ''air'' in English and I got a list consisting of ALL words which have ''air'' in them (hair, hairpin, chair, airplane...), and their translations. This may be very useful. Sometimes you may want a bigger overview.

And then, there's Omniglot:


They also have a lot of various links - from dictionaries to vocabulary, grammar... even Norwegian news and radio stations, so at least something will prove to be useful.

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I relay heavily on the use of Norwegian school in my teachings, both native  for 1-10. grade and  Norwegian as a second language.

Some of my favorites are :

http://abc.cappelendamm.no/  on the right is  the alphabet. 3 levels , green, blue and yellow.

This is used in grade 1 and 2.

http://smartped.no/?page_id=180  this is also used from kindergarten.


This is a link to Fairytales , and children's stories for a bit more advanced students


http://www.dalabrekka.gs.mr.no/jeg_meg_deg_seg.pdf  ( put in the words: I ,me, you, himself/yourself/herself.)



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