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Any Korean Beginner Learners here? How do you learn Korean?

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I am currently learning Korean, and I was wondering what tools you guys are using.

- Apps? if so which ones?

- Free Website courses? which ones?

Also do you find it easier to take notes when learning or are you doing everything digitally?

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I've been using a wonderful app on my phone to learn the Korean alphabet. I'm doing quite well considering the letters and pronunciation are easy and it goes quite in depth for just being the free version. However, I can't remember it's name. I think it was the third one down on the list when you type in 'learn Korean' into the app store. Other than that, I've also been using books from my local library. Now the only problem I have is my memorization. Lately it's been dull at best.

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I've been trying to learn the Korean language for a while now and what really helped me is the site "Talk To Me In Korean". It's a really great website where there are lessons you can follow and you can even download pdfs and audios of the lessons as well. At the end of every chapter, they give you this test which is great because you can review everything you've learned in the past lessons. I've been downloading their pdfs since a year ago and I take down my own notes so that I feel like I'm actually in school learning the language. I find books really helpful too. Though some can be really pricey. But if you really want to learn, then you should really invest on a book or two. Happy learning!

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Yes! TTMIK is such a wonderful Korean language resource! However, it's not my main option from now.

There's this mobile app called Play & Learn Korean. Since I enjoy doing puzzles and memory games, I really find this app useful and fun!

I'm also reading e-books - My Korean 1 & 2 are great for learning purposes, as well as those Arirang videos broadcasted during late 90's - you'll find them by typing "lsk old series" on YouTube search box. It's a 60-lessons course that includes everything you need to carry on a conversation with a Korean native speaker. 

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Scribendi: World-Class Editing and Proofreading

It wasn't helpful for me when I had it, but I heard others used HelloTalk to learn Korean. I mean, it's good if you are ever looking for a native speaker to hold a conversation with to test your speaking or writing, but I wouldn't recommend you to start off with the app. On that note, an app that I did like was Memrise, which I've seen recommended by users on these forums as well. For an idea of exactly how useful it was, even after I started learning Korean in a traditional classroom setting, I still associate certain vocabulary with some of the mnemonic devices from the app.

One of my favorite sites to use when studying Korean is www.howtostudykorean.com . Everything is so well explained and organized. There are even audio files if you are unsure of how to pronounce a words and additional worksheets that are available for purchase if you need extra practice. It really was my bible when I was still trying to self-study.

But even if you are learning Korean digitally, I think it's best if you take notes on pen and paper. It's good reinforcement, and especially for Korean which uses a Hangul alphabet system, it's nice penmanship practice. 

Best of luck!

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I checked out some books and cds from the library and copied them at home since you can only keep the books for two weeks.  I bought some used workbooks of the internet that I practice with and used to make flashcards with.  There are some Youtube channels that teach the everyday Korean phrases and slang.  I haven't really fell in love with an app. 

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