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What do you use for learning languages?


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5 hours ago, LeesaJohnson said:

We should use four methods:

1) Reading

2) Writing

3) Listening 

4) Watching videos


Where is speaking?
Also, shouldn't "watching videos" fit as "listening" too?

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I uses as many different resources as possible.

For Russian, I am lucky enough to live in a Russophone dominant area, so I speak as often as possible with locals. I also have a pretty good library of Russian books, so I'll read them as well. Add to that online Russian news, and I've got my reading taken care of. Listening and speaking are covered with my fellow interlocutors and my 120 channels of (mostly) Russian television. 

For Esperanto, I use Duolingo to "mop up" the parts I missed as I was teaching myself over the years, and many Esperanto books and periodicals for "real" reading. For listening, I love Pola Ret-radio newscasts. I listen to those several times a week. I'm moving soon to Moscow and as there is an Esperanto club there, I intend on going to some meetings so I can finally speak Esperanto, in person, with other speakers! 

For all other languages, I use whatever I can find. When I studied Cornish, for instance, I used a great course called KDL (Kernewek dre Lyther...highly recommended) and a teacher. I got some kids books to supplement and listened to some news that was translated to Cornish. 

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