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Help me to choose a new language to learn please


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I'm french and not interested by foreign languages until now because I had bad teachers in school. It's not an excuse because, currently, I'm in a training to specialize in my job and we have english courses with a great professor who motivates us well.

Now I love to learn new languages and I want to add a third.. And it's my problem : which language to choose ? It's hard to choose for me because I'm really open to other cultures / civilizations and I like discover others people (even when I wasn't interested by languages).

Some friends advice me to learn German because Germany is our first partner in France. Other people tell me to learn Spanish because it's most usefull in the world in general.

In my opinion, maybe it's "useless" to learn common languages for an european (like spanish or german) because all people speak english in business. And maybe it's a good idea to learn a language of the country that play a role more and more important in the world economy such as Russian, Brazil, etc... (the BRICS).

What do you think ?

Thank you :smile:

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Dear Gimx!

Welcome to linguaholic.com!

Well, what about Chinese? It is super useful, very beatiful, hard-to-learn and mostly magic.

I have been studying Chinese for many years now and I am still enjoying it a lot.  :grin:

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Hello and thank you :)

Yes Chinese is included in BRICS : Brazil, Russia, India, China, South of Africa and we can add arabic countries.

I love Asia but I'm a bit scared by chinese language... It seems really hard to learn... :(

Do you use Chinese in your job or it's just for your pleasure ?

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Well I'm currently studying Chinese.

Yes, it's pretty tough to learn but the tougher it is, the more motivated I am. (In my case)

Chinese is a good choice but also maybe Afrikaans?

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Afrikaans? I am not sure about it. Afrikaans as a language is not that popular, as far as I know. At least for the moment, you might be much better of with Chinese. What about Russian or maybe Spanish? Spanish is also one of the most used languages.

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Hello gimx and welcome to the forum! I'm not sure for what purpose you need to learn these languages, so for me personally, it's difficult to make any recommendations. Nonetheless, besides English, I think Spanish and Chinese would be good choices as they're widely used. As for Afrikaans, I'm not sure where you'd use that as it's only spoken in South Africa where English is also very commonly used. If you were planning to go to South Africa, you'd be ok with just your English.

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