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I just wanted to make a recommendation to anyone studying Japanese to use studyblue.com for Kanji and vocabulary. It's a really great site for things that require straight memorization, like vocabulary especially. All it is, is virtual flashcards that you can create and store on the site. I suppose it's kind of like Anki, but I think it has a much nicer and simpler interface. Also, it has a mobile app you can use as well. Pretty handy.

Just wondering, does anyone else use StudyBlue?

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Thanks for this recommendation! I've never heard of this site before, but now I got an account here and I'm looking around.

As a flashcard making site it's neat, although I already have one I use (or rather, one that I ignore hoping that I'll magically learn all those words without looking at them...Sigh.), but I'm curious about this thing where you can join the classes.  I guess it's mostly for American students? I don't feel like giving this app the name of my school, but even if I did I'm pretty sure it wouldn't find anything.

So, can I just join a random class or is it rather rude?

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I had a hard time making my own flashcards though. You need to have the picture downloaded that you use for the kanji or hiragana/katakana unless you have an international keyboard app or switch your keyboard language. Idk I find Studyblue to be the most useful when it's languages that use the roman alphabet, or at least the same alphabets/syllabaries/characters. It's such a pain for me to make my own flashcards (because we have specific vocabulary to learn), so I don't use it for my japanese flashcards.

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