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Help with French?


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I learnt French about six months back. But I lost my fluency due to lack of practice. Are there any sites that can help me get back on track? I don't have any French speaking person around with whom to converse and learn. I've forgotten all the grammatical rules that I had so painfully learnt! :( Any help?

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How did you learn to begin with? Is returning to that not an option? Honestly I've had bad luck learning French 'online'.  Have you tried offering a language exchange through craigslist or similar? Not sure if you are near any large cities but if so there are often groups that meet to practice French every week or so.

Good luck.  I know it is frustrating to learn and then no be able to practice!

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Try duolingo. I think it's a great site to help you relearn french. It has all the tools and it also has a feature where you can talk into your mic and it can detect if you are pronouncing the french word or french sentence correctly. It has helped me learn French. There's a huge difference in my french speaking and French knowledge from before duolingo to after I started practising on duolingo.

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Some great responses so far on this topic. To the user who suggested Duolingo, I will definitely look further into that. I, like the author of this topic, have also found my fluency went down a few notches due to inactivity. I look forward to relearning as well as learning new things about the language!

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