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Hallo zusammen,


English and German – the keys to the world! I love this "langu"-ages.

If you want to learn German vocabulary, you will find some basic German English vocabulary audio video lessons on my YouTube channel.

Link to my YouTube channel:


You will find the latest videos on my "langu English - German playlist":

I create this channel for all students, seeking to learn English and German as a second language.

The videos contains German and English pronunciation and translation. Every page contains three vocabularies in German and English. The video lessons has seven pages with 21 vocabularies. In between every German and English word it´s a break, to think about the English word.

Every vocabulary MP3 podcast comes with an eBook that includes the complete transcription of the audio vocabulary list.

Please let me know in which topics you´re interested. I will create audio video lessons, especially on topics you´re interested in.


Best regards,





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Study With Us on Discord for FREE!

For all the people that want to learn German online, there are tons of good videos on Youtube, really. 

Let me name some other good Youtubers that help you learn german with youtube:

Learn German with the lovely German Girl Ania. The first 50 lessons (as stated in the video) are even free. 


Or maybe you prefer some other kind of approach. If you want to study German mainly with dialogs, please have a look here:



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Or maybe you would like to learn German fast. Then this girl here reveals her story on how to learn the language as fast as possible:

learn german - youtube - learn fast.jpg

You can find her videos on the Youtube Channel: linguamarina.

She has over 144.000 subscribers. Seems to be pretty promising after all. So why not give her and her videos a try? This might be maybe exactly what you need. 

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