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My grammar pick-ups from the last month


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I have learnt loads of grammar rules over the last month, either via Skype or on Memrise.

Here they are, including the ones I knew for much longer:

  • (VERB)てください。 = Please (VERB).
  • (VERB)ないでください。 = Please don't (VERB).
  • (NOUN)を(VERB)もいいですか。 = Is it OK if I (VERB) (NOUN)?
  • (NOUN)を(VERB)てはいけません。 = It's not allowed to (VERB) (NOUN).
  • (VERB)て、(NOUN)を(VERB)て、(VERB)します。 = Doing (VERB), (NOUN) the (VERB), and (VERB). (order is important!)
  • (RESULT)。(REASON)から。 = (RESULT), because (REASON). (ex.: バスに乗ります。時間がありませんから。 = I drive by bus, because I don't have time.)
  • (REASON)から、(RESULT)。 = (RESULT), because (REASON). (ex.: 時間がありませんから、バスに乗ります。 = I drive by bus, because I don't have time.)
  • (SENTENSE)ましょう! = Let's do (SENTENSE)!
  • (THING)をしています。 = I am doing (THING). (also used to describe people and to tell where one lives.)
  • (VERB)に行きます。 = I went to (VERB). (ex: 見に行きます。 = I went to watch (a movie for example).)
  • (VERB)と思います。 = I think he/she (VERB).
  • (VERB)と言っていました。 = He/she said he/she (VERB).
  • (VERB)のが好きです。 = He/she likes (VERB).
  • (VERB)のが嫌いです。 = He/she dislikes (VERB).
  • (VERB)のが上手です。 = He/she is good at (VERB).
  • (VERB)のが下手です。 = He/she is bad at (VERB).
  • (VERB)たいです。 = I want to (VERB).
  • (VERB)したり、(VERB)したりします。 = I did (VERB) and (VERB). (casual version.)
  • (VERB)ことがあります。 = I have ever (VERB) before.
  • (VERB)ことがありません。 = I have never (VERB) before.
  • (VERB)やすい。 = It's easy to (VERB).
  • (VERB)にくい。 = It's difficult to (VERB).
  • (WORD)そうです。 = It looks (WORD).
  • (WORD)たそうです。 = I heard he/she (WORD).
  • (WORD)はず。 = I expect it to (WORD).
  • (WORD)はずがありません。 = There is no way they can (WORD).
  • (WORD1)より(WORD2)です。 = I prefer (WORD2) over (WORD1).
  • (VERB1)ながら(VERB2)。 = (VERB2) while (VERB1)ing.
  • (SENTENSE)なら・たら。 = If (SENTENSE).
  • (SENTENSE)たらどうです。 = What if you/we (SENTENSE).
  • (VERB)ているあいだに。 = While I (VERB), something else happened.
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Those are pretty good rules picked up from learning Nihongo.  I recall some of the phrases too, since I learned them from my Elementary Nihongo 1 classes. while there are those which I have yet to hear, but only after I enroll in Elementary Nihongo 2.

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Heh, I feel there is much more to come too.
Like the grammar rule I learnt today:

  • (VERB)てみる。 = Try to (VERB). (ex: 食べてみる。 = Try to eat.)

Except for this one, I've let my online Japanese teacher (= native speaker) verify it and they are all correct.
Many of those grammar rules were taught by him, so I didn't have to let him verify those this much.

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