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Does saving time affect your language learning?


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So yesterday we in Europe had 1 hour of extra sleep, because winter time has begun.
For the people unfamiliar with this: in the majority of the western world, we have a summer time and a winter time.
During the winter, we live according to our usual time.
During the summer, we live according to our usual time + 1 hour.
So in my case, we are GMT+1 during the winter and GMT+2 during the summer.

However, this change does not apply to the Philippines (which is where my Japanese teacher currently lives).
I'm used to the fact I have an online one-on-one Skype session on 17:00 on Mondays and Tuesdays, but now it changed to 16:00.
This is because unlike in the Philippines, we do have this bi-annual jet lag in the Netherlands.

So does this time change also affect your language learning/studies?
And if not, what do you think of saving time in general?

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It does not really affect me in any way, since I do not currently study a language over the Internet. But I never really liked Winter time in general. Now it is starting to get dark at 17:30 already, and I hate it. :D

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I first learned this saving time stuff when I arrived here in Europe and was late in my schedule because everybody forgot to tell me that there is such thing here. I asked them why such? They explained that it is actually to save energy etc. so in other words I really did not listen carefully and pay attention, lol! Anyway, it does not affect my language learning, because I do not outsource learning it but in general, to be honest, until now I do not see any sense why there is such GMT+1 hour und GMT-1 hour.

Do you see any sense of it? if yes, please educate me guys. 

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I actually don't see any sense of it.
Although most devices automatically change the time for me, there are still people who don't own as many new gadgets.
My mum for example called me at 12:00 why I'm still at work, because she thought it was 13:00 because of that.

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Changing to winter time - yes, pretty nice, as I get to sleep a bit longer while going to bed at basically the same time. But changing to summer time has always been a bit of a nightmare for me. It affects my language learning, my work, my mood and what else not. For the first couple of weeks, before you get used to new time setting, all I can think about is sleep :)

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