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Meetup for practising your languages


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I've seen a thread about meetup in the Spanish subforum but it relates to any language really.

Have you ever used meetup as a way to meet native speakers in your city and practise your languages?

I've only tried it recently, and it seems to be a good starting place for meeting people that speak a particular language. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find groups for all the languages I am interested in, and I'm not brave enough to start my own.

What are your experiences? Have you ever used meetup or another similar site to practise your speaking skills?

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Not really no. I've never gone to any of these meet-ups, and I don't think I want to. They just seem awkward to me. If it works for others and help them learn their desired languages better then I say go on and do it, but I don't think it'd work very well for me. I'd just be all shy and end up making the entire thing awkward, and I don't plan to ruin anyone's learning experience anytime soon. That or I'd back out the moment I pronounce something wrong.

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