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Ever heard of Lang Leav?

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If you haven't heard about Lang Leav yet then it's about time you do. For those who've yet to know her, she's currently the most celebrated poet around. Her poetry collections Love and Misadventure and Lullabies are certified bestsellers and won her a large following. She specializes in free verse romantic poetries and many people love to read her simple, candid and passionate words. I highly recommend her! If you're a startup English learner, you'll easily understand the messages she tries to relay through her poems.

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I have. She's huge in Asia and have done some book tours. I'm not too fond of her writing but there are a few pieces which are brilliant and wonderfully-written. I'm trying to remember the guy's name she promotes as well... anyone knows his name? His writing is quite similar to Lang's

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I've read about her works from some other forum in the past. I got curious that I immediately went to Amazon to check her book. Haha, I only got to read the preview, the samples = but yeah, I'd say I would recommend them too. They're very easy to read, but man the meaning are just so deep (tagus!) that it tugs at your heart. I like the contrast of the simplicity of her texts against the complexity of the messages behind her ideas. But due to monetary considerations, I didn't buy the books and just contend with reading a few pages every chance I visit a bookstore.

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I'm a big fan of hers. I ordered Love and Misadventure after reading a bit of her work. I hope to get Lullabies at some point too. I agree that it would be a good choice for a person learning English for an easy read.

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Lang Leave Quotes

Lang Leave wrote some really good stuff. Here is one of my favorite writings from her:

“As a kid, I would count backwards from ten and imagine at one, there would be an explosion–perhaps caused by a rogue planet crashing into Earth or some other major catastrophe. When nothing happened, I'd feel relieved and at the same time, a little disappointed.

I think of you at ten; the first time I saw you. Your smile at nine and how it lit up something inside me I had thought long dead. Your lips at eight pressed against mine and at seven, your warm breath in my ear and your hands everywhere. You tell me you love me at six and at five we have our first real fight. At four we have our second and three, our third. At two you tell me you can't go on any longer and then at one, you ask me to stay.

And I am relieved, so relieved–and a little disappointed.” 
 Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure

lang leav.jpg


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