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French in France vs other french


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I've been studying french for a while now and I've always wondered what's the difference between the french spoken in France and other varieties of french (i.e. Quebec French). If I ever become fluent in the french spoken in France, will I also understand the variety of french they speak in the french speaking parts of Canada?

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My French speaking family is French Canadian, but when I use Parisian French with them, they understand what I'm saying. For the most part, the two forms of the language is the same, except for some vocab shifts, kind of like the difference between American English and British English.

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Yes I will absolutely understand your Parisian French. It can sound a lot clearer than Quebec French. I am proud of being a Quebecois and speaking like one but I think Parisian French is much prettier sounding. I think it's also used a lot more universally than other types of French.  

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