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Hello! I come back to re-check my start up, and man, I thought I was late, but apparently I'm on time. I've joined here on Dec. 18, so, less than a month, but I've already seen 11% of the kanjidamage anki deck, which has a lot more characters than the original alphabet, right? with all his kanji and meaning and the radicals. so, I guess till june I can read some text? maybe?

I've found some kanji that I know in some shows, but, couldn't make any sense of what the phrases meant... Anyway, I'm still studying 5~6 days a week, so I guess I can manage the 100% mark till december! But I would like some guidance here... I don't want to just use the anki app, do you guys know any kind of show or even a place I can use kanji subtitle? like, watch a english dub serie but with kanji as subtitle? also, would that help much?

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The good news is: lots of Japanese TV shows are subtitled in Japanese (many of which include kanji with furigana).
I nice reality-comedy I enjoyed was Razor Ramon HG (or "Hard Gay" for short).
The show has nothing to do with sex, it's just someone pretending to be gay while helping other people.

Best is to find episodes on YouTube by the Japanese name of the show: "ハードゲイ".
If you look it up by the English name, you may get better quality video, but you will also get ones with both English and Japanese subtitles.
The first episode I've seen was about a ramen store.

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Have you tried FluentU?  It's a system much like Youtube but for learning languages.  Videos are played with subtitles so you can listen and read all at once.  It's a bit limited, but it may be just what you're looking for.  This article provides some insight on how to learn Kanji more organically than studying non-stop. 

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Yes I did, but then it just annoyed me because I can't be logged in on multiple devices apparently. ._.

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