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Grammarly is a language and grammar checker program. By paying for monthly subscription, you will have access to the service such as language checker, grammar checker, plagiarism checker etc. I have never used this program, however, my friends have suggested me that this is a good program not only for people who use English as a second language but also for people using English as a first language. Any thoughts on Grammarly?

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I was just about to make a topic about Grammarly. Good thing I found this first, or it would've seemed like a repost.

In my opinion, Grammarly is an excellent program. English is (nearly) my first language and I still find this program really useful. I haven't subscribed to the paid version yet since the free version is working neatly enough for me. It's a nice tool which you install in your browser; Afterwards, whatever you type, Grammarly will automatically check for spelling errors (No more Google if you're unsure what the spelling is!) and also grammatical errors. All you have to do is click on the underlined word, and a text box will appear above it, suggesting a correction for it, as well as explaining what your grammatical mistake is. Apparently, the paid version unlocks a bunch more features, like more advanced corrections and being able to use it for Microsoft Word.

This is quite an old post, so maybe the OP is no longer active. But if anyone else is learning English, please add this program to your browser. It will be a great help, trust me. Anyways, it's free so go try it out. I would even recommend Grammarly to anyone whose first language is English, because everyone makes a couple little mistakes (whereas computers don't).

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If you want to make a living out of english writing, sure, this is a neat way to actually improve your skills and pave your way towards english language mastery. Otherwise, just use free alternative.

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