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Discount code for my new Japanese Conversation Course

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Hi everyone, smile.gif

I hope you don't mind me posting here, but if anyone's interested in learning Japanese Conversation, I have 100 discount coupons to give away which will enable you to get a 40% discount on my new course.

This course is for Beginners who would like to focus on Japanese Conversation (not writing).

You can get a code here:

I would also love to hear your feedback if anyone does take the course. 

Doozo yoroshiku onegai shi-masu.wave2.gif

Aki Moritani

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One thing I would like to ask: your course is aimed for beginners and you don't want any advanced learners. What if you're somewhere in the middle?
On Italki I have met many Japanese tutors who assumed I was a beginner, even though I know Japanese quite well now (I only need to expand my vocabulary a bit, learn to understand a bit more complicated grammar rules, and get accustomed to the Japanese speaking speed, and I guess I'm there).

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My course is aimed for beginners, although it could also suit intermediates who are not confident with Japanese grammar. The aim of course is to give students a good foundation in Japanese grammar for conversation, and highlight the differences from English grammar. 

You can always check the Course Content tab on my page to see if the topics would be of use to you: https://www.udemy.com/japanese-conversation-for-english-speakers

I am currently in the process of creating section 2 (also focused on conversation), which is for intermediate students.

Also, it's worth noting that udemy has a 30 day refund policy, so you could always get a refund if you feel the course is too basic for your needs.

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