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Learning Latin - What would You Like to Know?


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We all know that grammar usually isn't the favourite topic and so far, I'd mostly written about grammar. This is why I am asking you this: if you were learning Latin, what would you like to learn about? Phrases and sentences? Vocabulary? Proverbs? Idioms? Customs? The origin of the words we now have (such as cease and import)? Books and literature? Prosody? 


I will be bringing this section back to life, slowly. It would be good if I knew what to write about. Latin has many interesting topics that could be touched upon. Sometimes it's really difficult to pick one. If I knew what you wanted to read about when it comes to Latin, I might get more efficient in sharing my knowledge about it. Of course, I will not forget about grammar, I will still write about it from time to time, but it is not a problem writing about other things as well.So, help me pick!


Think about it and let me know. 

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I don't know much about Latin, though I know much of what we speak today is based on the Latin language and I think that's the part I would be most interested in. Words which have strong roots from Latin, and how they have evolved. Also common Latin phrases, the types you might find on coins or in the middle of poems or novels, that kind of thing.

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