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Master Plan For Learning a Language


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What is your master plan when learning a language?  Do you study everyday of an hour or in small bits throughout the day? Do you study with a book or with a tutor or an app, or a mixture of both?  

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My master plan is spaced memorization and recalling. I make my own flashcards with Anki and the app shows the cards I need to study everyday, the card may contain a word, a sentence, audio, a video etc. You can do plenty with Anki, I encourage its use for not only language learning but also It can be a neat complementary resource help you study rote memory heavy careers like medicine or law.

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It's been a while since I did any serious foreign language studying, but back when I did, there weren't anywhere near as many resources. I used to rely mainly on the traditional classroom scenario, text books and conversations with friends whose native language was French. Now if I were to take up my French again, I would definitely go down the online route; apps, videos, podcasts and online sites. I mean, modern technology has really made it possible for everyone to access an endless amount of resources without ever setting foot outside their home :) 

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