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Greetings In Different Languages

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Hi guys! :)

Well, I would just like to share translations of some basic greetings from English to my native language which is Filipino. I would also love to know the equivalent translation into your own native language if you may.

Here are my greeting translations:

Good morning - magandang umaga

Good afternoon - magandang hapon

Good evening - magandang gabi

Good day - magandang araw

How are you today? - kumusta ka ngayon?

It's nice to meet you - Masaya akong makilala ka

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Good morning - Buongiorno

Good afternoon - Buon pomeriggio

Good evening - Buonasera 

Good day - Buona giornata

How are you today? - Come stai oggi? (informal) / Come sta oggi? (formal)

It's nice to meet you - Piacere di conoscerti (informal) / Piacere di conoscerla (formal)


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Thank you so much for your replies @Mameha and @WizardX. :) Since it's still morning in my part of the world right now, I would just like to greet you both Good morning, Buongiorno, Habari ya asubuhi, and Magandang umaga. I hope you are having a wonderful day today - Sana ay maganda and araw nyo ngayon (in Filipino).

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Hi there.

Good morning - Bonjour    (We don't really say good morning. Bonjour is like hello. Bon = good jour = day. Matin is the word for morning.)

Good afternoon - Bonne après-midi

Good evening - Bonsoir (this is how you would say it as a greeting) Bonne soirée  (this is how you would say goodbye at night)

Good day - Bonjour  (again)

How are you? - Comment allez-vous?

It's nice to meet you - Enchanté (this is what you say when you have just met someone. Not an exact translation of nice to meet you.)




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im the native of Bengali language. I'm writing u the greeting into bengali-

Good morning - Shuvi Sokal

Good afternoon - Shuvo Bikal

Good evening - Shuvo Shondha

Good day - Shuvo din

How are you today? - kemon aso aaj?

It's nice to meet you - Tomar shate dekha hoye valo laglo. 

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