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  1. You should be correcting him politely and never laugh when he mispronounces other words. You should also give him reference materials to help him. Recommend to him different songs that he can listen to. Nowadays dictionaries can also help when one does not know how to pronounce different words. If possible, you should get for him a dictionary to help in pronouncing different words.
  2. Tagalog language has got beautiful scripts. I like Tagalog because I have different books about it's history. The Tagalog language now utilises the Latin script. The Tagalog script is distantly related to some Indian scripts.
  3. I have always thought of learning old languages like Latin but I have never got a chance. Someone who specialises in languages might be compelled to learn such languages. It will also be difficult to find someone who talks the same language. Are there apps that can help one learn old outdated languages? Many people avoid learning the languages because they see no reason of learning them and it is also difficult to get supportive materials.
  4. I usually not only rely on native speakers to learn new languages but I do also use other online materials to learn. If you don't have the money to get a native speaker to teach you then online courses can be helpful. You also use different apps even if you have a native speaker to teach you. Somebody who has lived in an area and known the local language can also teach others how to speak the language. The only problem can be when it comes to pronunciations.
  5. By listening to songs and singing, one can easily get to know meanings of different idioms, verbs or even adverbs. By singing, a learner can easily know the pronounciations of different words. It is also difficult to forget the song that one had earlier sang.
  6. I may use either of the words to avoid repeating one word throughout my message or text. I also think that he/she can be used when we have one male and one female. If we use 'they' then we may be comparing many people and there may be no need of saying the exact number. But I think that the words are grammatically correct.
  7. That is a good way of learning but I have never tried it though. Getting to know the commands helps you to learn about the game. For now I only have games which are in English. Maybe I will start downloading applications which are in Chinese because I am learning Chinese! Hope that they will help me learn Chinese.
  8. I started learning English when I was eleven years old. When I was in lower primary, we used to be taught in English at school. We also used to sing different songs which made my learning easier. It was difficult at first but I managed to learn the language. I was also motivated by children who could speak fluently. I can remember how I used my dictionary to learn English - by writing compositions.
  9. An app can really help while learning a different language. Unfortunately you can't only rely on it to teach you a new language. You will need to interact with native speakers if you want to learn quickly. It will be easier for you to learn if you can chat with those who know the language since you will get to know how to pronounce certain words. Attending language classes is also necessary if you want to learn a new language.
  10. I am learning Chinese and I do spend more time learning by listening to Chinese songs and poetry. I do attend evening classes to enhance my speech. Sometimes I find it difficult to pronounce some words but I have never given up. I know that it won't take long before I master the language.
  11. Getting extra learning materials like recordings can motivate your students. Learning can not be enjoyable if students can't get the necessary learning materials. Teaching them proverbs in the languages they are learning can also motivate them since they get to know the deeper meaning of such proverbs.
  12. Good morning - habari ya asubuhi. Good Afternoon - habari ya mchana. Good evening - habari ya jioni Good day - Siku njema.
  13. I usually shorten my words as long as they can be understood. This saves time needed to type and send a text. I can use full words when I am unable to shorten them. I have learned about shortening words from texts that I usually receive and online chats.
  14. Listening to songs sang in a local language can help one as they learn a new language. Riddles do offer a broader meaning and understanding. One can use online translation tools to to know what they usually mean. I have always liked attending classes where I can learn new languages. Chatting with native speakers is a good way of knowing sentence construction as per the language you are interested in.
  15. It is easier to learn a new language from a child, mostly when you can get time to play with them. You can spend some time playing with them hence knowing more about their local language. You can ask children to teach you new songs, which are also a good way of learning a new language.
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