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From C1 to C2


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I have done an English ability test, and according to it, I am on C1 level, which means that I have advanced knowledge. I am satisfied with the fact that I moved pretty fast from B1 to B2 and from B2 to C1. However, I want to achieve perfection and move to C2 level, but thinking what is necessary for this step? As you probably know, C2 is the last level, and those who have that knowledge are considered as native speakers. There are many reasons why I want to achieve this, so I am interested, has anyone learned English from start to the end?

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Not to discourage you, but exams don't exactly indicate your actual language level.
They are however useful if you want to work, study or live in a country or company that requires it, but other than that they have no actual meaning.

I know people who passed the Dutch test on C2, and I still barely understand a word of what they're trying to say.
I've done N4 on Japanese and I passed it, now I'm aiming for N2.
But I didn't do JLPT because I want to know how proficient I am with Japanese, it's because I want to work in Japan in the future.

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