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Hey people, 

Auf Deutsch möchten is a Konjunktiv 2 form of mögen, coming from its Präteritum + umlaut, right? So why do some conjugation sites show a möchtete form? Is there really such a thing? Is möchten really a separate verb by itself, with its own Präteritum? When we want to say "I would like" in the past tense, shouldn't we use mochte or wollte, instead of möchtete

Thanks a lot!


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Hi hrup

There is no such thing as "möchtete". It is just plain wrong. Could you show me that source?

If you would like to use it in Präteritum, "wollte" is the right form to use. 

"möchten" can be Konjunktiv II that is true, however it can also be "Präsens" in 3rd Person Plural "Wir möchten nun gerne essen gehen". 


Kind regards, 


PS: And very warm welcome to Linguaholic. It is nice to have you here!



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