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Chinese disyllabic prepositions // 关于,至于,为了,由于,除了,根据,按照

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Disyllabic Prepositions in Chinese

Dysillabic prepositions in Chinese like 为了,根据,关于 etc, generally have the following characteristics:

They are used before nouns (like monosyllabic prep.) but also before verbs and/or clauses.

What's more is that they are often placed at the beginning of a sentence and not directly after the subject (like monosyllabic prep.)

To illustrate the use of disyllabic prepositions, I prepared some sample sentences for you and yours :=)

Let us start with the disyllabic preposition “为了". It stands for "ion order to" / "so that". It is expressing a purpose and is usually followed by a verb phrase:

Sample Sentences for the use of the disyllabic preposition 为了。




We do not generally use 为了 for casual // every day situations. :punk:

When I got time, I will try to explain the other ones...if you know about them, maybe some of you can spread some knowledge too here  :wacky:

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