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How to Learn Languages in easy way

Vasant Darji

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On 10/9/2018 at 1:48 AM, Vasant Darji said:

Language school is one of the best platform  to learn different languages of world for example Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, English, French, German and many of the famous languages. language school.io provide  internship program, Luxury courses and many other program.

Language primarily related to the human behaviour and experience. So, school is a good decision for young students, because it's a source of the new situations. It doesn't means what's particularly have been happening with you when you were being in the language school, but if it was "new", related to your feelings ("love"), contained improvement of your social connections - the final result of education will be good. We actually don't remember "rules" or "words", we remember success and disaster related to our language actions...

Could it be useful for adults to visit a school? People have their own families, neighbourhood, social relationships... Who are the teachers for them? Very often - just a dude, like many others. Who are  classmates for them? Just nothing! What could happen with adult during educational period? Usually nothing new, nothing interesting. There is a reason, why "easy way" doesn't work for some people... 


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I think the internet is an easy way to Learn Languages. Many websites provide the online English course if you want to interest the online learning languages then I would like to suggest the one website i.e. Business English Academy. We follow a different method to train our students like Language Workshop, Translation Work, Crash Courses, and Video Conference Learning. For more detail please call us on 0800 - 724 33 58.

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The most important part of language learning is being consistent in learning, practising and doing exercises regularly. You might not see the results quickly but staying dedicated will help you fulfill your goals faster.

Here are the two options of learning languages easily:


1. One of the best ways is to practice your language skills with teachers in person via an institute -

You can go for the most affordable language learning Institutes like Albert Learning www.albert-learning.com. You can learn English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic language skills with private and group lessons at just 1.5 /day*. Their lessons are conducted via video conferencing that help you speak and interact with teachers from all around the world.


2. The second way to learn languages is by self-practice

a. Read newspapers, books, magazines, blogs, for http://blog.albert-learning.com/

b. Watching informative videos, documentaries and movies help in improving your listening skills, for example: www.youtube.com/channel/UCN8hK6wu40o9KyH9R01sjew?view_as=subscriber

c. Look for online exercises.

Hope this information will be useful! 

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Whether it is easy or difficult to learn a language, depends mostly on your teacher. I feel pity for those foreign language learners who haven’t managed to find the right teacher and thus haven’t mastered the language. Everything is possible! The question is, where to find a good teacher. I can recommend you https://eurekly.com – it’s a diverse tutoring pool you can jump into and find a tutor who will manage to meet your personal needs, win you for the subject and – finally – make the language easy for you to learn. Good luck in your studies!

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There is no "easy" Way... If you start with such an idea you will be disappointed at some point and you could be tempted to quit your study.

The language learning marketing started with "fluent in three months" and you find now on internet "French in one day" or even "a foreign language in two hours"... Forget! The trick is most of the apps (I have tried hundreds of them) are for beginner level with few or no grammar to be more glamourous and please the credit card holder. Later on, the cliff will be huge for "easy" app users...

The truth is this is a winding road with hopes and despairs and you should mentally accept it in order to keep a strong spirit. Each language has difficult and easy aspects. Just keep rolling on! 

Itchy feet comics has a great one that sums it well:


You have got on the market tools working well for different aspects of a language (writing, grammar, conversation...) that help you to better learn.

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I will provide lessons of speaking in order to improve your vocab and accent of English, Russian and Serbian language. 

You will improve your speaking skills and accent in less than 7 days 

You learn real language with Slang and Idioms

You will learn how to improve your accent and speak clearly

I have a list of questions for each level of speaking (beginner, intermediate and advanced). In every question there is a topic we are going to discuss.

You will improve your vocab through the use of new words and expressions. 

I will also send you some materials including audio files, Microsoft Word documents and helpful exercises written by my own.


I work flexible hours. So, you should contact me before ordering to make an arrangement for the lessons. When we arrange the lesson, the time is fixed and if you cannot attend the class, class will be counted as completed. 

Minimum price and Maximum satisfaction.

Contact me any time 24/7.


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