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Native Dutch speakers


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Nog andere Nederlandstaligen hier? Any other native Dutch speakers around? Would love to chat to some of you, as living in an English speaking country for the last seven years I have begun to realise my Dutch is getting a bit rusty, especially in writing.

Or, for anyone who has a question for a Dutch speaker, please feel free to shoot. I'd be more than happy to help if I can!

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Another native Dutch speaker here that's been living abroad for the past 5 years now. I too have noticed my Dutch writing skills declining slightly over the past few years. Whenever Dutch people come and visit me over here I've also noticed I struggle for words sometimes but that lasts for only a couple of days.

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It's great to see that there's a few of us here. And very interesting that we all seem to be living abroad! A Dutch language thread would be great.

Aphex, the struggling for words thing is very familiar. Whenever I'm back visiting I always have some issues making the switch back to Dutch. Though since my daughter was born I use Dutch a lot more again (seeing as I'm speaking only my native language to her). Of course, it's not a high level of Dutch, speaking to a toddler. The word no features a lot, more than anything.

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Another native speaker here, I've "only" been living abroad for three years, but you guys scare me a bit.

Of course I struggle with finding one or two words, but hopefully will not get to rusty :) I like my Dutch.

Anyway, I'm living in Scotland with my SO, who's also Dutch, so that may make a difference. Are you all living alone, or do you have someone to speak Dutch with on a regular basis?

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