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Does Anyone Know How and Where To Get Chinese Scholarships?

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I am currently learning Chinese so that I can get a scholarship to study in a Chinese university. I am planning on studying Masters in Biomedical Technology. I would appreciate any lead on the best universities I can apply to for a scholarship and why you think they are the best.

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I don't specifically know about any Chinese scholarships, but does your school have a study abroad program? Most study abroad programs will give you (generous) grants to study abroad. I had a friend who joined the study abroad program to go to Spain and she received a ton of money from the school to cover her costs. If your school does offer this program, maybe you should look into it :)

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It should generally be possible to apply for a Scholarship even if you are not studying Chinese (Sinology). However, if you do study Chinese, then most (or a least a considerable part of the students) will have the chance to get a scholarship for a year (or maybe half a year depending on the university) in China. In some universities (as in mine in Switzerland), scholarships have been given according to your grades (which basically means: good grade = scholarship, bad grade = no scholarship).

If you are not a student, I don't know how you could apply directly for a China (Chinese) Scholarship, you might want to consult Dr. Google for that :)

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