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The 连.....都.... Construction

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连...都 sentences are very common, I agree. Let me provide some examples. Hopefully they can help you to understand the "structure" better.

sure !  :karate:

连六岁的孩子都参加了这次比赛。        //    Even six year old children participated in this competition.

我们家什么都是黑的, 连墙也是黑的。  //    At our home, everything is black, even the walls.

她连星期天也不休息。                    //    Even on sundays he is not having a rest.

哥哥连上课都睡觉。                      //      My big brother even sleeps during class.

purpose of the construction is highlighting the importance of certain elements in a sentence. it corresponds to the word "even" and if negative, "not even".

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