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I have a friend who was learning Portuguese and he asked me: what is the difference between "morada" (address) and "namorada" (girlfriend). I haven't even noticed myself that the words were really similar, but the meaning are completely different.

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Hmm, I never really ran into that problem while learning but I guess this one would be pretty horrible to mix up: Camiseta (t-shirt) and camisinha (condom)... also tesoura (scissors) and tesouro (treasure).

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You are learning with brazilian accent because if it were Portuguese you would say camisola ou T-shirt (we don't use camiseta) and preservativo (we don't use camisinha either). Tesoura and tesouro are quite similar true, like cozer and coser.

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I've never realized that, and in-fact since "na" means at/in, "namorada"(girlfriend) could be mixed with in/at the adress(morada).

I'm not capable of finding such words just by thinking at that though, maybe because it sounds normal to me.

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