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New Christmas book in English needs translating...

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Hi there,

I've written a children's Christmas book - 'Sant's Bicycle', the intro to it can be seen here:


I've used Google translate to create first draft versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish, which I'm certain have loads of errors form the subtle to the glaring.

Unfortunately I can't afford a translator proof reading for each, but I could share 10% of revenues on the language versions of the books once ready. Be aware I've sold about 25 of the English version as I also cant afford a huge marketing budget either....! So 10% of not very much is not very much too! :-) But please take a look at the book on the website.

I'd be happy write up a contract that confirms this 10% for anyone that can check each these 4 non English versions - they are short children books - probably just a 10 minute read!

Anyone that can please reply here or to my email [email protected]

Cheers - Dom


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Hello Dom,

For the translation of your book into the languages French, Italian, German and Spanish, I can recommend the translation agency "AP Fachübersetzungen" based in Nuremberg, Germany. I have been working with this company for some time and I found them to be very reliable, fast, and their translations to be of high quality. They do specialise in medicine, pharmacy, technology and law, but they translate general and marketing texts as well. Here's the link to their English website:  https://www.ap-fachuebersetzungen.de/en/

I hope this will help you!

Best regards,

Language lover

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