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Sesshin phonetics in Chinese


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16 hours ago, LePainEst said:

 I think " jiē xīn "

Well yea, as far as the Pinyin goes, jie xin would be correct. But I think what he means is like whether there would be some nice meanings that actually can be created with the syllables making up the chinese word for “Sesshin“. So, the question would be (I think): Are there some nice meanings for "jie xin", regardless of which tones and characters are used. And my answer to this would be: 

If you check in the chinese dictionary, you will find the following things for xie jin (regardless of which tone and character):



So these are the set phrases for jie xin. Of course, you could also make up different meanings that are not actually "true words". I will think about some possible words, if you want :=)





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