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Should I learn French or German


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There have been 2 languages that always interested me. Those are French and German. I'm wondering which one to do deeper study on. Each one has their pros and cons



-Often considered to be easier than German for English speakers

-I love the beauty of the language

-I already know some basic words

-Rolled R is easy peasy for me


-Uvular R is very tricky for me

-Knowing when to spell with an accent marking might be hard

-No structure to the grammatical gender, so I simply have to memorize which words are masculine and which ones are feminine



-English is a Germanic language

-I know a little bit of German

-The word for hundred is a cognate in German and English

-More structure to grammatical gender than French's literally random grammatical gender


-Pronunciation might not be obvious(for example W actually sounds like V)

-Compound words can get super long

-Often described as being harder to learn than the Romance languages for English speakers

-Unusual letters(like for example, the one that looks like a big B? Yeah that actually is pronounced like an S)


Which language do you think I should pursue further studies on?

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If you are choosing a language to learn for fun I think you should focus more on the culture and less on the mechanics of the language. 

Who do you see yourself wanting to talk with? French speaking people or German? (ok, maybe both, but does one group interest you more?)

What kind of books do you see yourself reading? French or German?

Where do you see yourself traveling?

What videos can you imagine watching on the internet? Videos about French speaking countries' cultures and history, music and interviews or the ones in German? 

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