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Dubbed or Subbed?

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I prefer subs. Where I'm from (the Philippines) local networks are really bad at dubbing. They make the characters sound more cartoonish than they already are. There was even a time when they changed voice actors from female to male in the middle of an anime's run. So they had to make up some lame story that the character was pretending to be female for the first 20 episodes :D.

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I'm kind of half and half on this. On one hand, watching subs leaves the usually better voice actors in, but it also means I am constantly moving my eyes to the bottom of the screen, and reading also strains my eyes a bit. On the other hand, with the dub, I have to deal with less than stellar voice acting (usually), but I can understand and I don't have to keep reading stuff. I think though, I lean more towards subs. Although I still have to look down at the bottom of the screen, I get to keep hearing the beautiful Japanese language. Also, it's fun to learn how to sing the opening theme songs!

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It depends on the dub. If anime have a German synchronization, I mostly watch them in German, because I so many people hate German dubs, but I don't. But in some cases, I watch anime subbed, although there is a dub. And of course there are a lot of anime not having a German dub, so I have to watch them in Japanese, but I really enjoy that as well - it really helps me to learn Japanese.

But I watch movies, that come originally from the US, mostly in German.

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