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Where to start learning Spanish?

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You could start learning Spanish on the Internet. You could read some pages or view videos in Spanish (with subtitles).

Try to translate the words you don't understand and try learn them by making your own sentences.

Once you've done that you could try to speak via Skype or something with native Spanish people. :D

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The best place to start learning Spanish is in Spain or a country where Spanish is spoken. Spaniards are generally not very good in speaking English, which actually makes it easier for you to learn, as you are forced to! My husband learned Spanish fluently in 6 months in Madrid. If you can´t go to a country, get some language CD´s and listen to them constantly. It´s all about repetition.

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I'd highly recommend Homeschool Spanish Academy. My son is using this and it has helped him a lot. It's mostly for students, but they have an adult program as well. Basically, you're speaking over Skype with a fluent Spanish-speaker that lives in Guatemala. At the very least, it can't hurt to look into it. You can have the payment broken down into monthly payments, rather than as one big payment, if you choose. They also allow you to take one free trial lesson to try it out before you commit to any of their classes.

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A good place to get started is watching Destinos:


I've also heard good things about Mi Vida Loca:


Destinos has a textbook you can order, should you choose. I don't think Mi Vida Loca has anything like that.  :smile:

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Books, dictionaries, and of course teachers. If you just started then you can go online although I'm not really familiar with websites that teach you the language that you want but trust me when I tell you that books help a lot. It may seem old fashion but it works never the less. 

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